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Born and raised in Las Vegas, Kate had an unusual upbringing.  In her parent’s search for a strong educational foundation in Las Vegas, the City of Sin, she was enrolled in Catholic School.  While the education was superb, Kate was not a perfect fit for the school.  She related better to the unconventional side of thinking, and eventually found her niche as the unofficial “counselor” of her class.  How could you blame her, as she was being raised by a musician and an astrologer?
After graduating from UNLV with a BA in psychology, she trekked into the corporate world of hotel spas and chased the money and title of success.  
At the top of her career, she started relating back to the cycles of astrology and her lifetime goal of helping others one-on-one. Expanding her astrology knowledge and designing a heart-felt consultation format was her goal. Soon after, she started test-running her astrology consulting style and was met with kudos and the best compliment -referrals.  Kate thrives to provide a fun, insightful reading met with guidance and a comfortable atmosphere.  

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